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Buy a Sony Xperia Z5 sim free today and get 20% Off in our Xclusive Xperia Sale. With free next day delivery and free 6 months warranty for that added total peace of mind if the unexpected happens. We have a wide selection of Xperias which are used, refurbished or second hand for a fraction of the RRP.

Xclusive Xperia Sale


The Sony Xperia Z5 may be 10 months old but it’s still holding its own with the amazing quality camera and waterproof design. Check out the great features the Xperia z5 has:



If you’re on the go and the phone rings, but its pouring down with rain, or your clumsy and prone to knocking over drinks on your phone. Don’t worry, with its waterproof and dust tight metal frame with precision engraved design this Sony Xperia Z5 can handle it!


Love your selfies or need a phone to capture those snapchat photo moments? The Xperia Z5 is the best camera phone yet. With the 23 megapixel camera delivering incredibly fast and accurate 0.03 sec hybrid autofocus with a 5 MP front camera.


The display measures in at 5.2 inches with a IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen plus with its scratch resistant glass your phone will look newer for longer.

Fingerprint sensor

With one single movement you can securely unlock and access your phone at any time.


If you like to travel into the virtual world of Pokemon Go then this Sony Xperia Z5 android device is perfect. With the 45 minute quick charge and up to 2 days battery life its great for those on the go trying to catch em all!


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