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We Buy Phones, Now We Sell Phones!

November 23, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers 4 million


Have you caught our new advert? We’re really proud of it. No? Well take a look!…

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Sony Slows Down? Z6 News

November 5, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

Sony may have the busiest release schedule out of any of the major smartphone manufacturers – since 2013, they’ve been releasing at least 2 phones a year – but it’s not a strategy that’s given them an edge in the …

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Fairphone: An eco-friendly Smartphone?

October 29, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

As you might have guessed, at Envirofone we’re pretty keen on helping the environment: it’s really one of the core principles upon which we operate.

And, no matter how much we adore smartphones, it’s impossible to ignore the environmental damage …

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Celebrating 10 years of mobile phone recycling

October 22, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

In 2015, Envirofone is celebrating its 10th birthday, and a decade of offering our customers a great cash price for their old mobile phones and tablets. During that time, we’ve helped over 4 million people sell their phones, and …

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Eco-Friendly iPhone Projects You’ll Love

October 8, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

As the name suggests, at Envirofone we’re all about recycling and protecting the environment. Our belief in the ‘three Rs’ – Recovery, Reuse, and Recycling – means that we’ve been able to commit to a zero landfill policy, but there’s …

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Smartphones from 2010-2015: What are they worth now?

October 6, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

In the last five years, we’ve seen some amazing smartphones and phablets hit the streets. The top brands have been battling to outdo each other when it comes to bigger screens and snazzier operating systems, giving us the chance to …

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Phablets vs Tablets vs Phones: What’s right for you?

September 23, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

Blurring the line between phones and tablets, phablets are the “big thing” to have hit the mobile market in the last few years – but can they tempt you to make the switch?…

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iPhone 6s Release Roundup

September 10, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

“The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

That was Apple’s bold statement at the announcement of the iPhone 6s last night in San Francisco, California. But is it true? Not quite. …

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Clear out your drawers: the value of selling old phones

September 9, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail


Got an old phone or two lurking in your junk drawer or hall cupboard? You’re not the only one! In the excitement following the arrival of a shiny new mobile, the phone that’s been your constant companion for the …

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iPhone Trade in Checklist

September 1, 2015 The Envirofone Bloggers post thumbnail

If I’m looking to sell my iPhone, what should I do to make sure it’s ready to sell?”

That’s a question we hear a lot here at Envirofone, and it’s a really good one. As with all digital device …

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