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Motorola proposes modular smartphone design with Project Ara

October 29, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Motorola Project AraAre you tired of feeling tied down to a particular specification every time you buy a new smartphone? Do you crave such complete control that you want to build your own device? If so, you’ll be interested in Motorola’s latest …

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The LG Flex is official, features curved 6-inch display and self-healing powers

October 28, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

LG FlexLG has announced the LG Flex, its first curved smartphone and one which is surprisingly durable. The curved screen stretches from top to bottom, and is made from plastic instead of glass, making it resistant to damage. That’s not the …

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Microsoft’s new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets now on sale in the UK

October 25, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Surface 2 and Pro 2Microsoft announced its two new Surface tablets back at the end of September, but at the time it only confirmed the prices in dollars. That’s now changed, as the tablets have been put up for sale on Microsoft’s own web

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Best Mobile Assistant? Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana

 Simon Hill Google_Now

Google_NowThe major players in the mobile platform wars are always looking for ways to improve their operating systems and differentiate them from the competition. There’s a general trend emerging that is focused on allowing us to interact with our smartphones …

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Nokia launches its first tablet, the Windows RT 8.1 Lumia 2520

October 24, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Lumia 2520 Power KeyboardNokia has announced the Lumia 2520, its first tablet to run Microsoft’s Windows RT 8.1. Launched during Nokia World in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, alongside the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 smartphones, it’s a challenger to Microsoft’s Surface …

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Apple launches the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 tablets

October 23, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Apple iPad AirApple held an event in San Francisco last night, where it not only announced new versions of its MacBook laptops and the latest OS X Mavericks software, but also two new iPad tablets. Both the full-size iPad and the mini …

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Nokia announces two Windows Phone phablets, the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320

October 22, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Lumia 1520 GroupFollowing a succession of leaks over the past few months, Nokia has announced its first Windows Phone phablet devices. Phablets, in case you don’t know, are devices which cross the connectivity features of a phone with a large, tablet-style display. …

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Four Archos Titanium quad-core, Android 4.2 smartphones announced

October 21, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Archos 50 and 53 TitaniumArchos has announced four new Android smarphones, all of which will be on sale in the UK soon, and come with decent mid-range specs at an affordable price. Sounds good, right? It’s is, so here’s what you need to …

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Pre-order your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets in the UK now

October 18, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

When Amazon announced its updated Kindle Fire HDX tablets last monthKindle Fire HD 2013, they were only confirmed for America, which is consistent with previous Amazon hardware releases. The good news is, we haven’t had to wait long to get them in …

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Why would any manufacturer choose Windows Phone?

 Simon Hill Windows_Phones

Windows_PhonesThe rise of Windows Phone as an alternative platform to Android and iOS has long been predicted. Microsoft may have struggled to carve out a niche in the smartphone market, but there are signs that its mobile platform is finally …

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