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Asda wants just £5 for its latest phone, but it’s pretty basic

November 8, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Alcatel 1010Although “free” phones are common, the price is usually dependent on signing up for a multi-year contract, meaning they’re not free at all, at least not in the long run. So how cheap does a phone get, without a contract? …

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Google Nexus 5 review

 Simon Hill Nexus_5

Nexus_5Google’s Nexus smartphone line is the perfect vehicle to show off new versions of its mobile platform, in this case, Android 4.4 KitKat. The Nexus 5 also happens to be an impressive chunk of hardware for the money. Starting at …

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GiffGaff confirms it’ll start selling unlocked phones soon

November 7, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

GiffGaff phonesGiffGaff, the popular low-cost UK virtual mobile network, has been talking about selling phones for a few weeks now, and in a blog post has confirmed which devices it’ll be stocking and how payments will be made. At the …

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Tegra 4-powered Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 tablet coming to PC World

November 6, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7If the world wasn’t already filled with enough 7-inch Android tablets, here’s another one to try and gain your attention ahead of Christmas, the Advent Vega Tegra Note 7. No, it’s not the best name is it, but we’ll …

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Newcomer Kazam launches Trooper and Thunder Android phones

November 5, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Kazam Thunder Q45A new Android smartphone maker has entered the arena this week. Kazam was founded during the summer by former HTC UK executives, and in just six months, it has announced a series of new phones. There are various models which …

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Motorola Teases Moto G smartphone announcement for November 13

November 4, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Moto GMotorola has published a teaser for its next smartphone release. Coming via its official Motorola Mobility Twitter account, the message says “Time to say hola, g’day, hallo, bonjour, namaste to #MotoG.” The accompanying picture shows the Motorola logo over a …

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Nexus 5 on sale now through Google Play, starting at £300

November 1, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Nexus 5It has been a long time coming, but the Google Nexus 5 smartphone is now ready to buy. Should you do so? Well, if you’re after what’s likely to be the best value Android smartphone we’ll see this year, then …

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Do people expect too much from their smartphones?

 Simon Hill frustration

frustrationEvery time a new smartphone launches nowadays you get days, weeks, sometimes even months of hype and rumours preceding it. The idea that it might do this or that generally creates some excitement, but when the device lands, invariably it’s …

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ZTE announces Blade Q, Blade Q Mini and Blade Q Max, a trio of budget smartphones

October 31, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

ZTE Blade QZTE has taken a leaf out of Archos’ book, by releasing not just one phone, but a whole series of budget Android phones differentiated by the size of their screens. The Blade Q is joined by the Blade Q …

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Lenovo’s new Yoga tablet comes in 8-inch or 10-inch versions, starting at £200

October 30, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Lenovo YogaLenovo has announced the Yoga tablet, which comes in two different sizes, and is quite different from the usual Android tablet. Its design makes it look like part small TV, part tablet, and part Apple wireless keyboard.

At the base …

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