Freelance writer specialising in consumer technology and lifestyle matters. A former Journalist, with a long career in online marketing, which began in the Ringtones team at Orange - she's not responsible for Crazy Frog though! Jenny also writes about TV, films, music and digital marketing on her personal blog. Follow Jenny on Twitter: @jennysimpson

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Protecting your mobile phone data if your phone is lost or stolen

March 20, 2013 Jenny Simpson MISSING

Our mobile phones contain so much information about ourselves, it’s no wonder there’s so much stress if they go missing.  What should you do if your phone is lost or stolen?  Which apps can help protect you, or even track …

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Battery problems and re-charging solutions

March 6, 2013 Jenny Simpson lowbattery

In the latest part of our series of posts about what to do when you have problems with your mobile phone we’re looking at batteries and re-charging issues.  What can you do to lengthen battery life?  Are you wasting energy …

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My phone is water-damaged / I’ve cracked the screen – what can I do?

February 20, 2013 Jenny Simpson brokenscreen

cracked_screenIf you’ve damaged your phone in some way – don’t panic!  There may be a way to fix the problem before you look into paying for a replacement or professional repair.…

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