iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6s

Apple revealed the next generation of the iPhone in San Francisco on the 7th September. It was to be the most advanced smartphone and the best iPhone Apple have ever created.

The new iPhone may have been available on the 16th September, however with the popularity of pre-orders on the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 7 in Jet black, network operators and retailers are estimating 4 to 6 weeks to get your hands on these models, but is it worth the wait when the iPhone 6s looks so similar and the price has dropped?

With our first iPhone 7 arriving at Envirofone we compare the difference between the latest models from the design to the camera.


On the front appearance there is no difference, but then you see the bottom of the phone, no headphone jack!! Apple may have been the first to introduce the lightning connector but now with over 900 million lightning enabled devices they have taken it to the next step by removing the headphone jack to utilise digital audio which the lightning connectors offer. This may have disgruntled some customers but Apple do provide the popular earpods and a lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adaptor so you can still use your current favourite headphones.

iPhone 7 airpods

With the adaptor included and people still using their current headphones, then it’s just another adaptor to lose or carry around with you. Unless you wait for the new airpods which will be available in late October for £159.00.


Following on from the audio, the iPhone 7 now includes built in stereo speakers which are 2 x louder than the iPhone 6s with increased dynamic range. Making listening to music, clearer and louder.

So, if you’re one of the customers who doesn’t want to spend £159 on the airpods or insert the adaptor every time you listen to music, then don’t copy the prank video showing a man drilling a 3.5 mm hole into the bottom of the iPhone, as this will just break it. Buy an iPhone 6s instead and get up to £100 off this week on Envirofone Shop

iPhone 7


New Colours

Say goodbye to the space grey! This colour has now been discontinued but we say hello to the Jet Black and Black. Unfortunately Apple can’t keep up with the high demand so the Jet Black may be difficult to get.





Let’s keep this simple.. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s have a 4.7 inch LED-backlit multi touch display with IPS technology, 1334 x 750 pixel resolution at 326 ppi and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. The only addition is that the iPhone 7 offers wide colour display.

Is there much difference. We don’t think so!


We have all been waiting for Apple to introduce a new and improved battery life to keep up to speed with its competitors in the market. Unfortunately with only 2 hours improvement on the iPhone 6s it’s not quite as competitive as we would have hoped for. We’re hoping the battery will be the next improvement Apple work on with its 2017 flagship phone.

Water resistant and Dust proof

Finally Apple have caught up with the competition and re-engineered the iPhone 7 to be the first water resistant iPhone. So for those clumsy moments of dropping the phone in the bath or even down the toilet, as long as it’s not submerged for longer than 30 minutes then the phone can handle it. But is this worth the price tag! Alternatively you can always buy a waterproof case for your phone if you don’t mind the bulky case.


Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s have a 12MP camera, Digital zoom up to 5x, Autofocus with Focus Pixels, Auto HDR for photos, Panorama (up to 63 megapixels), Optical Image Stabilisation, 4K video recording at 30 fps and 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps.  But the iPhone 7 comes in with a f/1.8 aperture compared with the f/2.2 aperture of the iPhone 6s which allows more light into the camera to improve on the low light level shots.

Shall I Upgrade?

If you already have the iPhone 6s, then for the amount it will cost you, we don’t think it’s worth upgrading. With 2017 bringing the 10th anniversary of the iPhone its rumoured that the next iPhone will bring a new design and be the year that Apple comes away from the pattern of numbered versions. If you have an older iPhone like the 5, 5s or 6 then the iPhone 6s may be more cost effective for you. The prices of the iPhone 6s have dropped significantly since the latest release so you can grab a bargain and save your pennies for the next flag ship phone!
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