Google Pixel 2 Release The Snapdragon!

Google’s October 2017 main event has come and gone and it’s pretty much what we expected.

But don’t think that’s a bad thing!

The Google Pixel 2 is here and even more powerful, camera ready and prepared to get you thinking is it worth an upgrade.

There are numerous enhancements to take in, we look at what Google have delivered.


Design: Looking at the Pixel’s front, surprisingly they have stayed with same size display (5.0 inches) and pretty much the same size chassis (literally a few mm difference) but front facing speakers have made an reappearance.

LCD – The AMOLED display has not been upgraded, it does still pack a punch with a 441 PPI (pixel density) but has missed out on the OLED which was handed to the big brother Pixel 2 XL

Size –  The dimensions of the device have increased in length but only by 1.9mm and 0.2mm width so will easily fit in the average hand. The depth has got a 7mm difference so it’s a bit thinner!

Speakers – Bringing back the front facing speakers which were lost in the previous Pixel is crucial in my option. Watching movies, videos and listening to music without having to turn your device onto its front/side is a perk, while keeping an eye out on notifications, phone calls etc.

Colour – The colours this year have gained a “Clearly White” edition and the silver has been pushed aside from last year. The “Kinda Blue” has a beautiful blue/grey cottage look to it with a funky turquoise power key to finish it off (It’s a love hate button) and the “Just Black” gives you a base choice which you can’t go wrong with.

Screen – For protection, the new Pixel 2 comes with the upgraded gorilla glass 5 for added safety.

Back of the device – The back of the device has a two-tone finish (metal and glass) a single camera lens and the Google symbol to polish it off.

Storage: Storage begins with the base model at 64GB with an optional 128GB version so you can download to your heart’s desire.

You can now keep all your photos and videos for free, with Google Photos too.


Under the hood:

Speed – The Pixel 2 is to run with 4GB of RAM and carry the latest Snapdragon 835 chip currently running in the successful flagship devices from Samsung (Galaxy S8) and HTC (U11)

Brains – The CPU (central processing unit) has taken a nice upgrade to a Octa-core (4×2.45 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) meaning faster apps, gaming and overall functionality of the device.

Graphics – The GPU (Graphics processing unit) has also taken a nice upgrade to the Qualcomm Adreno 540 so expect faster results from your 3D gaming, 4K displays and VR headsets.


Camera:  Once again Google have delivered the leading camera on the market, scoring a massive 98 on DxO, knocking all competition out of the water.

Cameras on mobiles have become such a key component to the decisions made by consumers looking to purchase a new shiny device. The ever-growing social media platforms have fashioned camera qualities, to wow people with their picturesque landscape shots all the way to the food they’re consuming that evening.

The front facing camera has stayed at 8MP which is standard in the market currently, but gives a good enough smooth finish for those selfies.


New features:    So, what have Google produced to show off their uniqueness.

One of my new favourite features is the always-on display, this allows you to see the time and notifications without having to pick your device up or press the power button to see it.

But one of the best features is that it will listen to any music playing in the background and display it on the screen so you know who and what is playing. I’m going to call it Goozam. (probably won’t stick)

The battery can now charge up to 7 hours of battery life in 15 minutes of charging.

The Pixel 2 is now water-resistant in its unibody metal chassis.

Search what you see is a cool feature, hover over a monument, building and Google will automatically inform you what it is, reviews on the location, opening times etc.

The headphone jack has gone. Is wireless the way forward? That’s for you to decide. Apple have done it with the iPhone 7 and now Google, I’m sure the rest are not far behind now.

With the headphone jack disappearing they have released a wireless headset called “Pixel Buds”. They’re not cheap with a price tag of £159 but they do have some cool features, which could sway you.

If not, you can still purchase a USB-C Digital to 3.5 mm headphone adapter.

There is also another set of Google Earth Live Case’s available and four options of different cases too.

So, the Google Pixel 2, is it enough to sway you away from your current provider, does its big brother pack more of a punch you were looking for?


You can trade in your old Google Pixel for £190.00 for 32GB or £230.00 for 128GB at the below link.*

*Prices are subject to change and the price listed is the website price as of the 10/10/2017

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