Awkward Text Fails… and how to solve them

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling after pressing send on a text, only to realise a few seconds later that the recipient is the last person on earth you want to see the message! From awkwardly texting the person you’re talking about to accidentally sending an, um… rather suggestive text to your Dad, embarrassing messages have been haunting phone users from the very second mobiles fell into our hands.

And while they might be traumatising for the person who sent it, we have to admit that they’re pretty hilarious to read.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a similar situation to the unlucky people below, there’s no need to panic. We have a solution that will help you diffuse the tension, or at least make the things a bit more bearable.

Text Fail Date
To be honest, this text had a pretty great outcome. If you do find yourself texting the guy or girl you’re on a date with instead of your best friend, the best way to relieve the tension is to just laugh it off and admit, face to face, that you’re having a great time. A slightly more awkward scenario would involve a text complaining about the date, to your date! Perhaps buying him/her another drink might help, but you’ll probably want to work out where the nearest exit is so you can make a quick getaway.

Text Fail Dentist
Double meanings can be really funny, but only under the right circumstances. If you’ve found yourself sending a text to the wrong person with a rather dubious word involved, the only thing you can do is explain yourself, and explain thoroughly.

Text Fail Work
Admit it, we all send soppy texts to our loved ones now and again. It’s embarrassing if your boss receives a cute text by accident, but it’s admittedly a lot worse if the text turns X-rated. Some things you can simply laugh off, but others might require some serious apologising to make your boss forget what you get up to outside of work. Get ready to make them coffee and work overtime for the next few months!

Text Fail Colleague
One of the worst situations you can possibly find yourself in involves texting the person you’re bad mouthing. No matter what they’ve done, you probably don’t want to hurt their feelings and apologising is crucial to diffuse the situation. You might want to arrange to meet up so you can explain your problem too. The only way to get through the awkwardness is to work out your issues once and for all.

Text Fail Mother
When it comes to family, being brutally honest is usually okay. Telling a family member that they’re being annoying is usually fine but when it comes to the in-laws, you have to tread carefully. Sending a bitchy text about an in-law to that in-law is nothing short of awful and fixing things is going to take time. Get ready to grovel, and make sure you’ve got some awesome birthday and Christmas presents planned if you want forgiveness any time soon.

Text fails happen to the best of us and there’s really no way around it. The best advice we can give is to always double check the recipient but if your finger has already hit send, you can at least take comfort in the fact that it’ll probably make your friends chuckle!

2 responses to “Awkward Text Fails… and how to solve them”

  1. Sarah Hunt says:

    Technology brings on odd situations, doesn’t it? Rarely in real-life would it be possible to bad-mouth someone to their face by accident, but text is so personal that offending people has become a terrifying reality. One of the worst problems is when people don’t reply to the accidental text – because you can feel them harbouring dark thoughts about you in their heart and you’re never quite sure how badly you’re in trouble! Maybe we should be able to optimise phones to make it much clearer who we’re texting – photos, names, maybe a personalised description, just so those fatal mistakes can be avoided!

  2. Audrey says:

    I enjoyed this post. I have yet to send an awkward text to the wrong person. *knock on wood* and hope I never do. I appreciate your thoughts and insights though because now I will have an idea of how to properly react if this were to ever happen to me.

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